Shero and Vex are two very unlikely roommates.  Shero is a local super hero and all around do-gooder who was in need of roommate and Vex, a notorious villain ends up filling that position.  The two become fast friends but learn quickly that their living situation will come with interesting problems.


Creator and Writer Rebecca Rothschild

Rebecca is a writer living in Chicago who has done written work for comics, video games and music. She is the creator and writer for Shero and Vex. She is editor in chief at Sugar Gamers and creative director at Tango Comics. To learn more about her professional background you can find her on LINKEDIN.   You can also follow her on Twitter @rbonksr and Instagram @rothschildrebecca.

Artist and Editor Erika Swanson


Erika breathes life into Shero and Vex (all Easter Eggs are her doing) with her signature art style which you can also find in her incredible series of children’s books Bellossoms.  Also local to the Chicago area, Erika is a whimsical and talented artist.  To learn about all things Erika, head over to