Clearly there is no one who draws S and V better than the lady herself Erika Swanson.  She's been a busy bee on Facebook this week.
Our artist, Erika Swanson, writes and illustrates an incredible book series called Bellossoms.  The books feature Erika's whimsical art style and an age appropriate plot full adventure and wonder. On February 15th you and any young readers you know can meet Erika and the Chicago Wolves Kids and Family Expo at the Allstate Arena (Admission included with game tickets).  You can't miss Erika, I have no doubt that her booth will be the pinkest, most sparkle
Shero and Vex has been in production for a little over a year now and the lessons learned have certainly piled up.   1. Webcomics are for love I did not embark on creating a webcomic with the hopes of making stacks of cash.  As many webcomic creators who have come before me will tell you, for a webcomic to make any kind of profit will take a considerable amount of time.  You have to
After a solid year of production Shero and Vex has made a home for itself right here at!   We will do out best to keep bringing you monthly issues and there is big news on the horizon for your favorite roomies and this will be the place to get it.  Thanks to all our readers for inspiring us to take this important step.