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Erika, the phenomenal artist and theme song creator for Shero and Vex has been busy making moves or should I say, making THINGS move.  Erika has been learning the fine art of animation, check out her nifty little reel: Erika Swanson Animation Reel from Simply Erika on Vimeo. We have hopes to apply Erika’s cool new tricks to our two favorite ladies S and V.

We’re not Dead

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Just wanted to check in and say that Erika and I are still working on Shero and Vex.  The next issue will be out soon, we apologize for the delay.  We have some awesome surprises for you in the future.  Don’t be shocked if our girls start walking and talking soon.  I’ve booked a lot of events for this spring and summer.  Meanwhile please check out the site’s new look and gallery.  I’m really focusing

Aw Yeah Mini Con!

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One of my favorite local comic book shops of all time is putting on a mini con and I will be there with all my bells and whistles (which means free Shero and Vex comics and Warshiner #1 copies).  The mini con is Saturday, February 27th from 10am to 6pm.  There will be exclusive discounts and lots of creators and artists present.  Here is a link to the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and you can

Yes!  S and V will be at Ultimate Chicago this year!  Come by and visit!!! 12186412_833370816778694_2075367826386010168_o