My comics are 100% reliant on the incredible art of Erika Swanson (Shero and Vex) and Kate Rodriguez (Warshiner).  Lots of people who come up to me at conventions ask me “did you draw this?”  My immediate response is “no, I do the words, they do all the pretties,” and that is something I like to keep in the front of my mind when submitting scripts or storyboarding with the artists I work with.  I have no comics

The scenarios I am about to describe have occurred multiple times in my time on the comic con circuit. Scenario Example 1: The “You Go Ahead and Buy Lady Things.” A woman and her male companion, I will not assume their relationship, approach my table.  With one look at my products and then a glance at me, he is ready to go.  She on the other hand is determined to stay.  He turns to her

October Schedule

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October is gonna start off with a bang with two great conventions for us here in Chicago.  First up, Geek’d Con in Rockford on October 1st and 2nd.  Warshiner artist Kate Rodriguez and I will be there along with a slew of my favorite professional comic creators. thinkstockphotos-4686515161 The following weekend, on October 8th, is Pocket Con Chicago which is a wonderful show based around

Issue #30 marks the end of what we’re calling “season one” of Shero and Vex.  This fall we will be taking a few months off to work on the future of Shero and Vex which includes making this comic into an animated feature.  We also have plans to continue the comic with a brand new season which will continue to evovle your favorite roomies and supporting characters.  To celebrate the end of season one, Erika

Check out a demo of the fabulous work our talented artist Erika Swanson is up to!