Shero and Vex August Update

Issue #30 marks the end of what we’re calling “season one” of Shero and Vex.  This fall we will be taking a few months off to work on the future of Shero and Vex which includes making this comic into an animated feature.  We also have plans to continue the comic with a brand new season which will continue to evovle your favorite roomies and supporting characters.  To celebrate the end of season one, Erika…
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A Very Special Birthday Card

Yes, today is my birthday and so Erika drew me a birthday card from her hotel room with the message of: “Drawn from my hotel room on the paper that was next to the Bible… Happy Birthday!” -Erika Swanson Thank you Erika, this is an awesome card, and yes, chocolate chip anything is a pretty big deal for me.

Lucky Number 13

Rest assured, issue #13 is coming, this is the word of Erika.  Not that I assume our readers are just sitting staring at this site, waiting for an update.  I imagine you guys are doing a whole lot of this: I promise no spoilers in here, I’ll just say that both Shero and Vex will have very interesting evenings. Part of me wanted to give our gals a break and do some fun filler stuff…
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